26 Apr 2024

SAU Joins Hands with Area Pastors in Campus-Wide Prayer Walk to Overcome Challenges and Unite Community

Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) hosted a heartwarming display of unity and faith this week. Pastors, chaplains, and elders from the area assembled on the historic campus for a campus-wide prayer walk.

“We are so excited that the ecumenical community has come here to support this great institution,” said SAU Interim President Dr. Marcus H. Burgess while on Facebook Live. “We all know that we need to help each other now and then, and this is our time. We can’t wait for the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else.”

SAU alumna Sandra White, University Chaplain The Rev. Hershey Mallette Stephens, Pastor Tracy Bell of New Bethel Christian Church, and numerous community members led the prayer walk. This collective effort was a powerful invocation of divine guidance and a testament to the vibrant spirit that has long defined SAU. Participants prayed for each of the twenty-five campus buildings, cleansing the atmosphere of negativity and dispelling any untruths circulating about the university.

“Ms. Sandra White, who is out of my home church, Poplar Springs Christian Church, put together this prayer walk,” said Pastor Tracy Bell while on Facebook Live. “Many pastors and ministers of the gospel, along with Dr. Burgess, have gathered for prayer. We started in the historic chapel here on campus, and now we are going from building to building to pray for God’s will to be done.”

Despite the financial and accreditation challenges and sensationalized media coverage, SAU stands firm, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. The campus-wide prayer walk symbolized a collective effort led by SAU to uplift the university. It reflected the community’s staunch support, inspiring confidence and hope in the face of adversity. SAU’s resilience is a beacon of hope, showing that we can overcome any challenge together.

“I want to say on behalf of all those who have been a part of SAU down through the years, we need help,” said SAU alumnus and former Trustee Rev. William Newkirk, ’68 and Pastor of Oak City Baptist Church, while on Facebook Live. “We need you to support us, pray for us, and come out and do all you can to ensure we’re still going to be a vibrant and healthy institution.”

Building on the spirit of unity and positivity ignited by the prayer walk, SAU is excited to announce the upcoming Student Care Concert on Saturday, April 27th. This event, a collaborative effort between the Raleigh Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, various community partners, and the SAU community, is a testament to the power of unity and support in fostering hope and resilience among SAU students and the wider community.

“If you’ve ever fallen short if you’ve ever needed a hand-up, then come help a brother or help a sister continue to do what they do in their education and careers,” said Pastor Bell while on Facebook Live. “Our goal was to raise money for the students, the track team, these graduating students, and our main focus was to help them and assist them on their way out. We also understand that faculty and staff are in need as well.”

As SAU faces its challenges, it stands firm and united, drawing strength from the power of community and faith. The campus-wide prayer walk and the upcoming Student Care Concert are not just events but powerful symbols of hope and resilience, testifying to the unwavering spirit of Saint Augustine’s University.

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