27 Nov 2017

Prof. April McCoy and Birchie Warren Secure HBCU-CFE Behavioral Health Workforce Capacity Expansion Sub-Award

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Everett Ward, Prof. April McCoy, Dr. Gaddis Faulcon, and Mr. Birchie Warren

Congratulations are in order for April McCoy, Program Assistant/Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health and Exercise Science, and Birchie Warren, Director of the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Ms. McCoy and Mr. Warren secured an award from the Historically Black Colleges and Universities-Center for Excellence (HBCU-CFE) Behavioral Health Workforce Capacity Expansion Sub-Award Program, which is contracted with the Morehouse School of Medicine.  The program provides an opportunity for HBCUs to participate in unique learning environments designed to develop leadership, promote best practices and to create a career ladder and pipeline through expanded knowledge and internship opportunities. 

Through their participation, Ms. McCoy and Mr. Warren will be implementing “University Students’ Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse: An Intervention Plan” project on the campus of Saint Augustine’s University. The project will target college-age students who engage in substance and alcohol abuse behaviors in a university setting.   


The purpose of the project is to help create an environment that is both safe and supportive of all students. Efforts will be taken to identify and address the emotional hurdles that may result in academic failure, student maladjustment, or that may negatively affect the mental health of students. One goal is to train Peer Health Educators in alcohol and other drug education so they’ll be better equipped to address those students struggling with a substance and/or alcohol issues. Another goal of the project is to retrain CAPS staff and train selected Peer Health Educators in the “Seven Challenges” curriculum as a pilot study. Students and staff will also undergo Motivational Interviewing training. The last goal is to increase the knowledge of alcohol and drug abuse on campus as well as in the surrounding Raleigh community by facilitating educational forums and events. 


The University community congratulates Ms. McCoy and Mr. Warren on their achievement and looks forward to the successful implementation of the project.