14 Apr 2023

Education Majors Attend First Field Experience

Students in the Elementary Education and the Health and Physical Education programs attended their first field experience on March 28 and 29 at Bugg Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh. The field experience is an opportunity to observe schools, classroom teachers, and students in an authentic teaching and learning environment. In addition to observing master teachers deliver their lessons, manage their classrooms, and assess classroom organization and resources, participants actively participated by providing directed assistance to students in grades kindergarten through five. They were also able to participate in several professional learning team meetings that demonstrated that the work of the teacher is not solely within their classrooms. Our students were amazed at the variety of resources that are used in 21st Century classrooms.

Bugg Magnet Elementary School focuses on design and computer science. The school partners with Saint Augustine’s University by providing cooperating teachers for our Bridge to Teaching and Learning class as well as several upper-level classes, including the student teaching clinical experience.